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Agbogbloshie: the world's largest e-waste dump – in pictures / The Guardian.

Agbogbloshie: the world's largest e-waste dump – in pictures
Purchasers, and eventual discarders, of electronics expect the items to be recycled properly. But almost all electronic devices, especially older ones, contain toxic chemicals which make it expensive to recycle them – even if they are recyclable. As a result, illegal dumping has become a lucrative business.

Agbogbloshie, a suburb of Accra, in Ghana, is home to the world’s largest e-waste dumping site. Discarded electronic goods define the landscape of this former wetland and recreation area, where males aged from seven to 25 smash devices to get to the metals, especially copper. Injuries, such as burns, untreated wounds, eye damage, lung and back problems, go hand in hand with chronic nausea, anorexia, debilitating headaches and respiratory problems. Most of the workers die from cancer in their 20s.

Photographer Kevin McElvaney documents the site and its people., Thursday 27 February 2014 13.53 GMT

Adam Nasara, 25, uses Styropor, an insulating material from refrigerators, to light a fire

Old monitors are used to build bridges

Ibrahim Abdulai, 23, is a ‘chief’. Although no one works for him, he is able to decide who is allowed to burn goods in this particular area of the site

Cows with open wounds graze on the site

Adjoa, nine, sells small water bags to the workers. They drink it and use it to extinguish fires.

PCs and electronic devices that look in reasonable condition are sold untested in Accra

Rahman Dauda, 12, started working here three years ago and burns e-waste with a few friends. ‘Whenever possible I go to school,’ he says

Pieter Adongo, 17, holds a Polaroid photo of himself and his friends Desmond Atanga, 17, and Sampson Kwabena, 16. Many young people believe this is just a temporary situation and hope to find their way out of it one day

John Mahama, 21, suffers from insomnia and has debilitating headaches, but continues to work

Kwabena Labobe, 10, plays on the site. His parents are not able to send him to school and forbid him to burn e-waste

Adam Latif, 21

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