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Putin the 'Peacemaker': banner hung from Manhattan Bridge puzzles police

Putin the 'Peacemaker': banner hung from Manhattan Bridge puzzles police
Giant portrait of besuited president in front of a Russian flag was draped from New York landmark
Reuters in New York

Friday 7 October 2016 02.06 BST

New York City police were looking for whoever draped a gigantic banner featuring a portrait of President Vladimir Putin over the side of the Manhattan Bridge on Thursday.

The 20ft by 30ft banner appeared on the side of the bridge between lower Manhattan and the borough of Brooklyn, featuring Putin dressed in a suit in front of the Russian flag with the word “Peacemaker” in capital letters.

New York City police received a call about the banner at 2.45pm and removed it about half an hour later, a spokesman said.

Police said they were looking for the owners of the banner. Photograph: Reuters
“There are no details on why or who – it has to be investigated,” the spokesman said.

Police were looking at surveillance video on the bridge and in nearby areas.

In 2014 a large Palestinian flag was suspended from the Manhattan Bridge by solidarity groups during a protest march across the nearby Brooklyn Bridge.

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