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Hillary Clinton FBI indictment 'likely', claims Fox News. The reports from unnamed source are still unverified

Hillary Clinton FBI indictment 'likely', claims Fox News
The reports from unnamed source are still unverified

Feliks Garcia New York

Fox News claimed that an indictment is "likely" for Hillary Clinton in the alleged "pay-for-play" scandal surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

The reports remain unverified, as Fox News has continued to call Ms Clinton's credibility into question.

Anchor Brett Baier claimed that "barring some obstruction in some way" that the FBI will pursue an indictment for the Democratic presidential nominee.

A representative for the FBI was not immediately available to confirm Fox News' report.

The FBI came under fire last week for the timing of director James Comey's announcement that investigators discovered a new trove of possibly pertinent emails linked to a previous investigation into Ms Clinton's use of a private server – only 11 days before the presidential election.

But agents in the New York field office wanted to keep a separate investigation into alleged corruption within the Clinton Foundation alive, according to the Wall Street Journal. The agents were reportedly in preliminary stages of examining allegations of conflicts of interest and corruption that surrounded the charitable organisation during Ms Clinton's time as Secretary of State.  

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