quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2016

Preocupante ...

Perante a onda populista de Racismo e Intolerância desencadeada pelo Brexit passarão os “emigrantes” / “imigrantes” da Peninsula Ibérica a ser considerados cidadãos de segunda no Reino Unido ?
No Guardian hoje:
( …) “Architect Toni (a Spanish citizen living in Brighton) had barely touched down in the UK after a weekend in Alicante when he came across a group of men causing a disturbance at passport control. “There were four of them,” he said. “One of them shouted: ‘Why are these bloody immigrants in the same queue as we are?’ His friends were laughing. They were saying it loudly so people would hear. It was very uncomfortable. I have been here four years and I have never experienced anything like this.”
Although another British passenger challenged the men, Toni said he was shaken by the incident. “I am questioning whether I should stay – will I be a second-class citizen now?”
“A frenzy of hatred’: how to understand Brexit racism”

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