segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2015

A Grécia à beira do Abismo

“There is a significant gap between the plans of the Greek authorities and requirements of the commission, ECB and IMF”
European commission statement
“Indicative of the growing tensions between Athens and Berlin, the biggest contributor of Greece’s bailout programme to date, Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s vice-chancellor and head of the country’s Social Democratic party – who has long been seen as a friend of Greece – deplored the Greek government’s negotiating tactics in an article for Monday’s daily Bild newspaper.
“The game theorists of the Greek government are in the process of gambling away the future of their country,” he wrote in an excoriating critique of Varoufakis, whose academic expertise includes game theory. “Europe and Germany will not let themselves be blackmailed. And we will not let the exaggerated electoral pledges of a partly communist government be paid for by German workers and their families.”

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